Society for the Study of Women in the Renaissance, NYC

The Society for the Study of Women in the Renaissance will meet for its thirty-first year in fall 2017. When we began, the study of women in the early modern period was just beginning; now it’s an established field, and many of our members as well as those who’ve spoken at our meetings have been instrumental in establishing it.

Members of the Planning Committee (and many members of the Society) specialize in English literature. But we try, in recruiting speakers, to be both comparative and interdisciplinary, as our schedule for 2017-2018 shows. We also emphasize discussion. Speakers are asked to provide readings in advance of our meetings; they are also asked to be informal in their presentations and to expect interruptions and discussion. Often they present work in progress.

Dues, $25.00 a year, cover refreshments for our meetings, dinner for our speakers, and a small honorarium if speakers come from out of town.

We meet on the third Thursday of the month (ordinarily) at the CUNY Graduate Center, Fifth Avenue and 34 Street, beginning at 6:00 pm. After the meeting we go to eat at a nearby restaurant, and all members are invited to have dinner with the speaker.

The 2017-2018 schedule of speakers and the titles of their talks will be posted under “News and Events.” Our first speaker will be Sydnee Wagner, CUNY Graduate Center, who will speak on “Othello’s Gypsy Handkerchief.”  We hope you will join us!

The Planning Committee

Cristina León Alfar, Alicia Andrzejewski, Margaret Mikesell, and Susan O’Malley